What Week Is It?

How's everyone doing? Like the title says, i have no idea how many weeks its been and sometimes I can't even remember what day it is. If Groundhog day was our lives, this would be it right now.

So I've finally updated the website with a more up to date look, plus I have a brand new logo which I love and it was definately needed.

When you take a look around the website, I have now added a few more options.

1. You can now purchase a cake from our Classics Range. These are cakes for a 'last minute' occasion and can be turned around in 3 days max.

2. There is now our Treat Box section, this will be updated regularly with Brownies, Blondies, Cookies and many other tasty treats. There is also an option to be a part of our Monthly Supscription Box. This can be paid for as a 1 off or you can pay for 3, 6, 9 or 12mths.

Every month you will receive a surprise treat box with 5 new treats every month. I will post a sneak peak of 1 item every time on our FB and Instagram Page.

This week I launch our Fathers Days Gift box which will be available to purchase till 12th June. This is available to purchase through the website too.

I am officially back to work this week. 3 cakes going out, which is great to know that the demand is still there. I'm only taking local orders at the moment, but hopefully this will change soon.

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