Early Nights & Stressful Times

So I'm currently sat in bed...at 8.45pm. 8.45pm! Wtf! I've never been in bed this early unless I'm seriously not well, but after what was an all round good day considering, I've hit a lull.

I've started to worry, about work, how I'm going to earn any without actually making anything? Finances are not looking great and I'm stressed.

The latest news story is looking at 6mths till we'll be able to even contemplate getting back to normal. It's only been a week, I'm not sure I can give this length of time too much thought without having a complete meltdown.

Of course, alot of us are in the same boat, but being self employed is just a whole different level. Everything is your responsibility, the business is your baby, something you set up from scratch and it would be awful if something like this ruined it. The government have offered help, but it's not available till June.

When I was working I took every chance I could get to sit down, but now I'm itchy. Itchy to work, itchy to create. I need to do something, I just dont know what.

So, at the moment lot of my time this week has been spent baking with my youngest, which we've both loved. Think we've made endless cookies and banana bread.

We also been on alot of walks with our dog Bobby, but as he cant be groomed hes got a bit smelly 😷, so we gave him a bath. I dont think he enjoyed that much. 🤣

Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully I'll feel a little more positive, but until then I will chill with a good book.

Night all and stay safe ❤