Business Changes

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well and safe during this strange situation.

I feel that we've started to settle into our new routine, although the girls have sometimes had a few lie-ins between them. I think that's ok though, its an odd time for them. No proper routine, no friends to meet up with. Hard all round.

Anyway, during this time off, I've been able to take a step back and think about the business and how I want to go forward. Also, I've decided that I'm going to be changing my website too. Hopefully make it a bit more slicker and easier to order.

So I have lots of ideas that I'm going to start offering once everything is back to normal. First there will be a Classics Range. These will be your basic Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Sponge and other flavours.

I'm also considering offering a subscription box. This would be on either a pay mthly basis or a one off treat and inside would be 4 random offers of either cakes slices, brownies, cake pops, blondies, but all will be a surprise. These will be offered as delivery, so you don't have to live in Essex to receive one.

Offers on these will be very limited, but I will be offering 4 lucky followers the chance of receiving one of these boxes for free, again once everything has calmed down, so i can test the postal service and make sure everything's fine before launch.

Also, all the cakes that are on my website, will be available to order from my new store once set up, which should make things easier, but if there's something specific you would like, again just get in touch like always.

Stay Safe

Kelly x

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