Branching Out

So, i've had my business for around 4 years now & this is the first time i've actually posted a blog. To be honest, i've never felt the need to. Yet, lately, more and more things have changed, not in a big way, but enough for me. So i thought this would be a good place to document them and let my customers & potential ones whats happening.

So, Sunday, well actually the last 3wks, has been super busy. I've been making dummy wedding cakes, as well as my normal orders, for a Wedding Fayre at Abridge Golf Club. I haven't attended a Wedding Fayre for at least 2yrs, so it was a bit daunting.

When it comes to ideas, it does, i must admit take a while for me to come up with anything original. But once i sat down and focused, it actually flowed. I took inspiration from the trends for this year and cake designers that i've quietly admired in the background.

Sunday was an early one, 7am wake up, set up at 9.

The day started well and had a few couples that asked for a call back, which was great. Unfortunately the rest of the day wasn't so great & i think we had approx 20 people for the whole 4hrs.

It is extremely soul destroying when everyone has spent so much time working on their displays, plus i didn't go to bed till 1.30am sunday! Yet this is the way things go sometimes, everything is a risk, a chance.

I have another one booked in May and I think i will look into booking another one later on in the year. I love making all times of occasion cakes, but wedding cakes are definitely my favourite.

Kelly xx

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